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Executive Director

Gloria Johnson-Cusack serves as Executive Director of Leadership 18, an alliance of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) responsible for leading some of the country’s largest and most well respected charities, non-profits and faith-based organizations. As a group, member organizations serve over 87 million people annually and represent $44 billion in total revenue. Johnson-Cusack brings more than 20 years of management, political and strategic communications expertise informed by leadership positions in the private sector, U.S. Congress, national presidential campaigns, municipal and federal government, and the White House.

The effectiveness of Leadership 18 is rooted in the personal engagement of its CEO-only membership. Executive Committee members are the CEOs of American Red Cross, Catholic Charities USA, Goodwill Industries International, Inc., United Way Worldwide, Alliance for Children and Families, and Volunteers of America. The alliance focuses on advocacy, CEO learning, and program and research collaboration.

Until accepting her position with Leadership 18, Johnson-Cusack served as a Senior Vice President at GMMB, a D.C.-based strategic communications and advertising firm focused on cause marketing. In this role, she advanced issues on behalf of key nonprofit organizations and foundations. She has worked with the Ford, Lumina and Gates foundations to improve supports for low-income students completing college as well as the American Beverage Association to launch a campaign to address obesity.

In the public affairs arena, Johnson-Cusack served as Director of the Office of Congressional Relations at the Peace Corps, Special Assistant to the President in the White House Office of National Service, and Director of Constituent Relations at the Corporation for National Service. She was Chief of Staff for the D.C. Office of the Inspector General and was policy advisor to Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and Senator Albert Gore, Jr.

Johnson-Cusack holds a bachelor’s degree from Columbia College, Columbia University and a master’s degree in Public Administration from the Key Executive Management Program at American University. She is a founder of the Eli J. Segal Citizen Leadership program at Brandeis University, a member of the federal Presidio Trust’s Advisory Committee focused on creating a National Center for Service and Innovative Leadership, and a board member of the OIC of America which focuses on providing quality education, training, employment, and housing for economically disadvantaged populations. She is a lay church leader and breast cancer survivor and advocate. She is married with one adult daughter.


Project Manager

Danielle B. Powell serves as Project Manager of Leadership 18, an alliance of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) responsible for leading some of the country’s largest and most well respected charities, non-profits and faith-based organizations. As a group, member organizations serve over 87 million people annually and represent $44 billion in total revenue. The alliance focuses on advocacy, CEO learning, and program and research collaboration.

Powell brings a diversity of experiences working in strategic communications and project management. She has developed strategic outreach plans and has supported the execution of domestic and international meetings and events, including unveiling a comprehensive health care brand and coordinating initiatives for non-profits committed to advocacy and providing health and human services to under-served populations.

Before joining Leadership 18, Powell worked as an Account Executive at GMMB, a D.C.-based strategic communications and advertising firm focused on cause marketing. With particular interest in issue advocacy and community-based solutions, her primary issue areas included domestic and global health campaigns such as the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Cover the Uninsured work, the International Vaccine Access Center World Pneumonia Day activities, and the Acetaminophen Awareness Coalition Know Your Dose campaign.

Powell holds a master in professional studies in Public Relations and Corporate Communications from Georgetown University and a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She grew up in a military family, having lived throughout the U.S., and serves as a church lay leader.

Powell is excited to bring her knowledge and experience to support the work of Leadership 18, helping the alliance build on initiatives already underway.