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Charitable Deduction Probably Safe for 2014, Say Experts

Jan 16, 2014   //   News  //  No Comments

By Alex Daniels

Nonprofit experts are confident the charitable tax deduction will emerge unscathed from the current session of Congress, but they are less certain how lawmakers will deal with several tax breaks for charities that expired at the end of 2013.

President Obama has long pressed to limit the tax savings wealthy people can get for itemized deductions, including for charitable gifts, and he will likely reprise such an approach in his proposed budget next month. Solitary changes in tax policy, however, stand little chance of success unless they are cobbled together with other tax items. Putting together a large tax bill, budget experts say, will be difficult before the midterm elections in November.

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Government shutdown didn’t stop charitable giving

Dec 8, 2013   //   News  //  No Comments

By Meg Mirshak

Despite the government screeching to a halt this fall, many federal workers and contractors didn’t stop giving to area charitable campaigns.

Worries that the 16-day federal government shutdown would threaten donations to the annual United Way of the CSRA campaign were unwarranted, said Rina Powell, the senior director of resource development for the United Way of the CSRA. Although some campaigns coincided with the October shutdown when many workers were furloughed, most of the United Way’s largest workplace contributors met their goals.

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Lawmakers Get Earful On Protecting Charitable Deduction

Nov 20, 2013   //   News  //  No Comments

By Paul Clolery

Two United States senators have drafted a letter to their leadership to save the charitable deduction at its current levels. The letter was unveiled today in Washington, D.C., during “Protect Giving Day.”

The bi-partisan support of Sens. John Thune (R-S.D.) and Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), both members of the Senate Finance Committee that oversees tax policy, warned in the letter that any limitations to the charitable tax deduction would have consequences. It is being circulated for additional signatures from other senators.

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Protect Giving Day lobbyist hit Capitol Hill

Nov 20, 2013   //   News  //  No Comments

By Kay Bell

Despite the dysfunction on Capitol Hill some things never change. Today hundreds of lobbyists are hitting Representatives’ and Senators’ offices.

This group, however, isn’t of the typical Gucci Gulch variety.

The folks looking for favorable legislation are from nonprofits and charitable organizations.

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Charities to lobby Congress to preserve tax deductions

Nov 20, 2013   //   News  //  No Comments

By Ronald D. White

Representatives of more than 200 charitable organizations plan to go door to door Wednesday on Capitol Hill to convince members of Congress that it would be a mistake to eliminate or reduce tax deductions for charitable donations.

“The Congress is desperate to find some revenue,” said Steve Taylor, senior vice president and counsel for public policy for United Way Worldwide, the nation’s biggest charity.

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November 20: America’s Communities, Charities Face Urgent Threat

Nov 14, 2013   //   News  //  No Comments

Hundreds of Charitable Sector Leaders Gather in D.C. for “Protect Giving Day,” Warn of Cascading Consequences if Lawmakers Harm Charitable Tax Deduction

On November 20th, more than 200 frontline nonprofit and charitable sector leaders will gather in Washington to warn members of Congress of the cascading consequences that could be set off by harmful limitations to the charitable tax deduction. The Charitable Giving Coalition – a group of more than 60 nonprofits, foundations and other charitable organizations – represents a growing chorus of people from throughout America delivering a clear message to lawmakers – “I am the charitable deduction” – and sharing real-life examples about the impact of charities and the ripple effects of the charitable sector at work in communities every day.

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Infographic: Four Trends Impacting the Charitable Giving Landscape in the Next Year

Oct 17, 2013   //   News  //  No Comments

By Sandra Feinsmith and Anthony Reh

Our team in Atlanta had a fantastic time last week at the 2013 United Way Financial Management and Human Resources Forum. Each year, this event showcases some of the very best work that United Way (a BDO client) has accomplished in communities around the world. Looking ahead, we already can’t wait for 2014’s Forum in New Orleans.

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Charities Demonstrate Impact of Shutdown

Oct 10, 2013   //   News  //  No Comments

By Doug Donovan

Washington–United Way executives from across the country gathered near the Capitol on Wednesday morning in an attempt to show Congress how communities as politically different as Georgia and Pennsylvania or Illinois and South Carolina manage to work together to tackle issues.

Standing in a chilly wind swirling around the Capitol and Congressional offices, nearly 50 United Way leaders then spent the day meeting with elected officials to urge them to end the nine-day government shutdown that this week will begin to cut off food to low-income mothers and their babies when the federal Women, Infants and Children food program runs out of money.

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Coalition: Ending Charitable Deduction Not Just ‘Dollars-And-Cents-Story’

Sep 15, 2013   //   News  //  No Comments

By Katie Bascuas

A new study by the Tax Foundation, a nonpartisan tax research group, does not present the whole picture of the effects of eliminating the income tax deduction for charitable giving, according to the Charitable Giving Coalition.

“The story is much broader than an economic story,” said Steven Woolf, senior tax policy counsel for the Jewish Federations of North America, a member of the coalition. “It’s something that shouldn’t be reduced to 3.7 percent or 100,000 or 200,000 jobs.”

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The Non Profit Times Power & Influence Top 50 2013

Aug 20, 2013   //   News  //  No Comments

Several Leadership 18 members were recognized as part of the Non Profit Times Power & Influence Top 50 2013.

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